The I GROUP is always open for new talent submissions. Interested talent may submit the required information electronically or by post. If mailing your submission, please understand that we will not return your materials. Please follow the requirements listed below.

Requirements for Submission

ADULTS with Professional Materials

ADULTS without Professional Materials

Professional photos are not necessary for submission. Good quality digital photos, that follow our guidelines, are sufficient for submission to The I GROUP. Failure to follow these guidelines will disqualify you from consideration.

Please include at least 2 pictures following these requirements:

  1. A close up of the talent’s face, showing a smile with teeth
  2. A full body or ¾ body picture

Talent should have natural hair and make-up and be dressed in simple fitted attire.

Please take your pictures in natural light against a neutral background.

In addition to your pictures, please include your name, height, shoe size, dress size for women and suit size for men, hair color, eye color, date of birth, date pictures were taken and a daytime phone number.

CHILDREN 5 years and older

The I GROUP accepts submissions for consideration for children 5 years of age and up. Please submit two digital pictures as detailed above, a resume if your child has one, or a letter describing your child’s interests if they have no experience.

In addition to the pictures and resume, please include the child’s name, height, hair color, eye color, date of birth, date pictures were taken. Please also include the best contact person along with all their contact information. Please include this information on each picture as well.

CHILDREN under 5 years old

You are welcome to submit digital photos of children under 5 years in age. We will keep these photos on file but will not officially sign your child until he or she receives a booking. We will contact you if an opportunity arises for your child. Understand that these opportunities are very rare in our market. As children change quickly, please submit new digital photos every 6 months.


There are no fees or extra costs to submit or register with The I GROUP.


All you need to submit to The I GROUP is a couple digital pictures and a smile to be considered. Professional photos, headshots or comp cards are not requirements for submission to The I GROUP. If we accept you into the agency, we will assist you in getting professional pictures.


We ask that all interested talent be patient with our process. We receive numerous submissions a week and the review process is intensive. Therefore, it may take longer than 60 days for us to reply to your submission.

We will only contact you if we are interested in representing you with the agency. If we do not contact you, please feel free to resubmit once 6 months have expired from the date of your original submission.