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We’re all about the movies, but it’s all about commercials, because commercials are the main part of our business. Our talent have been incredibly successful at landing the majority of parts in recent films, and the movies are exciting and get a great deal of press coverage but, it is our commercial and industrial bookings that have really blossomed. For example, while our talent have landed roles in every movie this year, we have also booked over 17 national commercials and over 850 other jobs hiring over 1800 talent. Furthermore, we are committed to increasing our proportion of the national commercial business.

National voice-over spots in 2009 included Quicken Loans, Dodge, ACE Hardware, Expedia, The US National Mint, Lowe’s, and The Home Depot, which featured The i GROUP Exclusive Dennis North. In addition to these spots, On Star has booked nationally featured Voice Over talent through The i GROUP for the past 4 years, featuring the voices of The i GROUP Exclusives Sarab Kamoo, Maya Cameron, Reuben Yabuka, Greg Roy, Jim Porterfield, Jamie McCarthy, Wayne David Parker, and Sonja Crosby.

Several national on-camera spots have featured The i GROUP talent, including commercials for Chrysler, Dodge, Bermuda Tourism, Jeep, Ford, Alltell, and Chevrolet. The i GROUP Exclusives David Dailey Green, Connel Brown, Joe Comianni, Glenn Dossin, Sarah Habel, and Theo Williamson have all been featured. Theo also had the pleasure of working with director LeVar Burton, formerly Geordi on Star Trek: The Next Generation, on a spot for Chrysler last year.

However, great talent alone does not ensure a national commercial gets made in Detroit. The i GROUP is fortunate to have innovative clients that brilliantly adapt, gaining new national business despite the ebb and flow of the current media market. Millennium Films, Castorri & Company, Avalon, and Red Orange USA, to name only a few, persevere through the struggling economy with their exceptional vision and creativity, creating new and exciting opportunities for The i GROUP and our talent.

As our talent continue to impress the potential for continued growth is limitless. To capitalize on this trend, The i GROUP has reached out into other regional venues increasing exposure of our talent, including castings and bookings for Chicago, Columbus, St. Louis and Pittsburgh based productions. Combined, this growth points to a future for our industry that seems to defy the fluctuations of the current economy and keeping The i GROUP in the national spotlight.

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