Becoming the state’s top talent agency requires a solid office staff that can respond at a moments notice to the challenges of our industry. Often behind the scenes, our interns are instrumental to our success.

The i GROUP continues to reach out to ambitious individuals that are interested in careers in the industry. Our interns learn valuable “behind the scenes” lessons as they are incorporated into all facets of our operation, developing a full understanding of our industry. Our interns benefit greatly gaining the tools for success in this industry or in any other field they choose.

Should you or someone you know be interested in being an intern with The i GROUP, simply send in a resume and cover letter expressing interest in joining The i GROUP Intern Program.

The i GROUP talent Jacki Olson, who has interned with the us for the past 2 summers, reflects on her experience as an intern:

Why did you choose to be an intern with The i GROUP?
In order to graduate from high school, all of the Seniors were required to take the month of May to do what was called a “Senior Project”, or a co-op—where we would work at a desired location for no pay. I immediately thought to call Tony and ask if he needed any help, he of course said yes and I began working at The i Group soon after that. After I graduated, Tony asked if I would like to keep working for the remainder of the summer until I was off to college in late August, I said that I would love to…and the rest is history!

What has your experience been in the entertainment field outside of The i GROUP?
Besides working as an intern, I am also a registered talent with The i Group. I am SAG and AFTRA affiliated, having done work locally and regionally in voice over, print, film, and runway.

What has working at The i GROUP taught you about this industry?
I’ve learned that this business is not all about the glitz and glamour; so much more preparation goes into each shoot or production than I ever would have realized by just being a talent.

What is the best part about working at The i GROUP?
Tony, Phil, and Terri are the best mentors that I could have asked for, coming out of high school and into an adult working environment. The i Group staff is very professional...each staff member--Tony, Terri, Rob, Matt, and Phil are all very good at what they do, they each contribute a great deal to the business and the growth of the entertainment industry in the Detroit area. I feel very fortunate to have worked for and with such a great group of people.

How has working at The i GROUP prepared you for your professional future?
Working at The i Group has taught me what it is really like to work in an office environment on a day to day basis. I have also learned what Tony eats for lunch on certain days of the week!