Agency Fee
An agency fee is added to each booking over and above the negotiated model or talent rate. The total booking charges are due in full within 30 days from the invoice date.

Print Fees
All models are booked by the hour or by the day. All bookings require at least a two hour minimum. After the second hour, fees are rounded off to the nearest 1/4 hour. The approximate length of the booking must be specified upon confirmation of the booking. Rates may vary depending upon the model.

Day Rate
Day rate bookings are eight consecutive hours and negotiable at 6 times the hourly rate. Day rates must be agreed to at the time of the booking and cannot be changed after the model has arrived at the job. The full day rate must be paid regardless if the full eight hours are used. Daily and special booking rates are negotiated at the time of the booking.

Fitting Rate
Fitting time is charged at the full hourly rate. A fitting immediately prior to the start of the booking shall be for a minimum of 1/2 hour.

Prep Time
Make-up, hairdressing, styling, etc., is charged at the full hourly rate.

Shopping Time
If the talent is required to shop for specific items, a separate rate will be charged. The minimum shopping time will be one hour.

Travel Time
Travel time is charged at 1/2 the hourly rate. For special bookings the travel rate will be negotiated on an individual basis.

Over Time
If a day booking goes over the scheduled 8 hours, the rate is 1 1/2 the hourly rate unless otherwise specified by The I GROUP. Before 6:00 am and after midnight the rate is 1 1/2 times the hourly rate. For all Saturdays, Sundays and Holiday bookings the rate is 1 1/2 times the hourly rate, except for the hours between midnight and 6:00 am, which the rate is 2 times the hourly rate.

For ladies bras, panties, sheer teddies, and girdles are at 2 times the hourly rate. For men shorts and briefs are also at 2 times the hourly rate. Ladies non-sheer nightgowns and lingerie the rate is 1 1/2 times the hourly rate. Nude bookings are at 3 times the hourly rate. A closed set and a private dressing room must be provided.

Hands, Legs and Feet
Booked at full hourly rate.

Photography to be used for billboard displays, consumers packaging, national ads, point of purchase, and posters are negotiable over and above the model day rate. Buyout rates and usage fees apply and expiration dates must be specified.

Commercials, industrials, voice-overs, demos, reinstatements are negotiable. For extras rates are negotiable. The I GROUP is a franchised agent of SAG and AFTRA. All union rules and regulations shall apply. Union rates are at scale or above.

Background Groups
If a group of talent are to be used in a background, the rates are subject to negotiation.

Policies and Additional Services...

Stills and Commercial Usage
Bookings can only be used for the sole purpose for which they were originally intended either still or commercial, never for both. The photo usage and time period for the usage of the photographs must be specified on the talent voucher in order for the model release to be valid. The I GROUP must approve any additional usage or exposure and are subject to negotiation.

Stills for Television
Booked at Scale and are negotiable over scale.

Holds must be confirmed or released at least 24 hours prior to the booking or a full rate will apply.

24 hours prior to the booking - no fee. Less than 24 hours prior to booking - 1/2 fee. In route or on the job - full fee.

Weather Permitting
For the first cancellation due to bad weather - there will be no fee. For a second cancellation for bad weather - 1/2 the fee. For the third cancellation for bad weather - full fee.

Test Shoots or Speculation
Models will not sign a photographic release when doing a test unless specific prior arrangements have been made. The model must receive a copy of the photo.

Convention and Trade Show
For all actors, actresses, hostesses, and narrators, the rates are available upon request.

Auto Show, Road Tours, Ride and Drives
Complete coordination of Narrators and Product Knowledge Specialists: This includes auditions, wardrobe, lead management, product knowledge training, talent bookings, show scheduling, travel arrangements, hotel accommodations and supervisors. Rates available upon request.

Relationship with Talent
The I GROUP acts solely as an agent not as an employer. This website or the policies contained herein does not constitute an expressed or implied contract of employment between The I GROUP and any model or talent. The I GROUP has endeavored to provide accurate information, but cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions.